Grace Wriggles Terms and conditions

Please read fully before signing and paying the deposit.


Grace Wriggles Terms and conditions


A signed contract and a 50% deposit (plus travel fees) if applicable will secure the date for your wedding and is non-refundable or transferrable in the event of cancellation. Your date is secure for 7 days from the date of sent invoice, if the deposit is not made within these 7 days, the client will be notified and another client may request their date.

Balance of payment due 1 MONTH prior to the wedding date.

I, Grace Wriggles reserve the right to use the video or photos on my website, portfolio, advertising and/or any international or local blogs.  You also reserve these rights - as long as you credit GRACE WRIGGLES as the videographer or photographer for ALL CONTENT.

The alteration or cancellation by either party is acceptable due to forces of nature or anything outside of either party's control. 

A client may cancel a contract made to Grace Wriggles, but in doing so forfeits any and all moneys paid so far.

Your film will be delivered no later than 12 weeks from your wedding date.

Your photos will be delivered no later than 10 weeks from your wedding date.

If I, Grace Wriggles, cannot attend the wedding in part or in full due to an unforeseen accident and/or injury resulting from events outside of my control, I will send a team member in replacement.

The client understands that by act of extremely unfortunate, unforeseen and unanticipated instances, footage and photos are stored on hard drives and computer back-ups that can, in worst case scenario, break or lose content. In these situations, which are outside of Grace Wriggles' control, the client understands and accepts the risk of such an event and will be returned with a full refund (minus the booking fee/deposit).

Meals are required for any and all shooters covering over a period of 5 hours or longer.

All travel arrangements are made by Grace Wriggles